But Have You Ever Walked A Pet Tiger? / by Mrs. Financial Lifter

Few years back, we tried to leash train our cat, Kona. She didn’t like having a harness on her but liked going out on our apartment staircase. There was one time where we thought it was going to be a success because she went down to the parking lot but something must have freaked her out because she bolted back into the apartment. We never tried again after that.

His Adoption Name Was Nutter Butter

Hilo was adopted during one of our mini-getaways in Monterey, California. On December 3rd, he turned 7 months and discovered he can climb on trees.

When leash training a cat, the earlier you start the better. After adopting Hilo, we stopped by the pet store and bought him a harness. He doesn’t wear it around the house but when we put it on him, he knows it’s time to go outside.

For Veterans Day weekend, we took him to Fort Bragg. Unfortunately, the hotel we stayed at didn’t allow pets. But since he’s not much of a talker, we didn’t have an issue. When we weren’t hiking, he was in his cat backpack. I highly recommend purchasing one if you want to take your cat outdoors.

What’s Next For Hilo?

We have a few trips planned for next year, one of them being Yosemite in April. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this handsome face in 2019.